"Dance of Light" at Grand Gateway 66 "Marauders" by Liu Dao "Waiting For Godot" by Liu Dao "You are so Funny" by Liu Dao "Urban Chariot" by Liu Dao "My Darling, I've Forgotten" by Liu Dao
"Everything Old is New Again" by Liu Dao "Picture Perfect" by Liu Dao "Changning Pixie" by Liu Dao

“Dance of Light”

Liu Dao is on a perpetual quest to push the boundaries of art’s concept, production, and display. Thus, the collective’s collaboration with Shanghai’s luxurious Grand Gateway 66 was begot from a desire to create artwork that transcends the typical white-walled gallery space and moves beyond antiquated notions of “Art.” The exhibition “Dance of Light” features exclusive Liu Dao LED multimedia artworks that embody the dynamic and sublime qualities of light.

By nature, light is beholden to its surroundings. Liu Dao’s LED artworks capture light’s limitless ability to dazzle and inspire, and render light free to dance and reflect in the viewer’s eye as pure artistic expression. These highly conceptual, futuristic artworks are themselves inspired by the glittering streets of the ever-expanding city of Shanghai, and find an apt arena for display in Grand Gateway 66, a symbol of the city’s brightly lit future.

"Dance of Light" at Grand Gateway 66
“Dance of Light”
DATES August 1st to August 24th 2014
OPENING PARTY August 8th @ 3:30pm
ORGANIZATION Grand Gateway 66
CURATION Zhang Leihua 张雷华
MUSIC Hani Abbasi (MP3)
VIDEO Video Documentation by Fabrice Amzel

1 Hong Qiao Lu, Xujiahui, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China


island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛), Lu Xinjian


Liu Dao teams up with the luxurious Grand Gateway 66 for an exhibition that muses on the dynamic and boundless qualities of light. “Dance of Light” invites viewers to contemplate light’s ability to move and expand as a unique art form, as captured between the frames of Liu Dao’s LED artworks. (read more >>>)

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