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"Wallism" at island6 Shanghai Main "Released Beauty" at Zielinsky Gallery, in collaboration with Pantocrátor Gallery "erutuF" at WhyWhyArt, Chic Oasis "Tales of the Girl with the Blue Wig" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "The Geometry of Binary Life" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "Waiting for the Wild Forest" at island6 ShGarden
"Art Santa Fe 2016" "Beirut Art Fair 2016" "Swab Barcelona 2016" "Texas Contemporary 2016" with Tally Beck Contemporary "Red Dot Miami 2016"
"Scope New York 2016" "Art On Paper 2016" with Tally Beck Contemporary "10" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "Machine Dreams" at island6 ShGarden "Fanatic Automatic" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "Art Market Hamptons 2016" with TBC & JFA
"Scope Miami 2015"
"Post No Bills" at island6 island6 Shanghai Main Space "Noir Blanc" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "Shanghai Design Week 2015" "SWAB BARCELONA 2015" with Pantocrátor Gallery "Shanghai Drift" at island6 ShGarden "Chi Fan For Charity" at island6 Shanghai Main Space
"Broken Bones and Bruises" at island6 ShGarden "Between Red Queens" at island6 Bund "Mercedes with Benefits" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Guts" at island6 Hong Kong "Scribbles" at island6 Bund "SISAE 2015" at China Art Museum
"No Boat, No Brio" at island6 Marina "On Doing Laundry" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Under the Glow of the Red Lanterns" at island6 Marina "Babble Jabber" at island6 Hong Kong "Art Central Hong Kong" with Bath Street Gallery "Asia+/First Open" at Christie's Hong Kong
"Contemporary Istanbul 2014" "90 Minute Shows" during "Contemporary Istanbul 2014" "Hybrid" by Honda at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Key To Ignition" at island6 Hong Kong "Neuro-Rhumba" at island6 ShGarden "Blood Money and Bitches" at island6 Marina
"Melbourne Art Fair 2014" with Conny Dietzschold Gallery "Wait a Moment" at Cachet "Beirut Art Week 2014" "Beirut Art Fair 2014" "Guilty As Sin" at island6 Bund "ARTifical Garden" at SWFC
"The Artist Always Gets Paid Last" at island6 Bund "Geek is the new Chic" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Silk to Bitcoin" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Adidas Shanghai Flagship store Grand Opening" "Dance of Light" at Grand Gateway 66 "Bark! Hop! Swim! Repeat." at island6 ShGarden
"Affordable Artfair", Hong Kong Convention Centre "Art Paris 2014" "The Rolls-Royce Royal Coastal Journey" at island6 Marina "Never Talk to Strangers" at island6 ShGarden "The Altar of Bling" at island6 Hong Kong "Winter Light" at Regional Penrith Gallery
"Modality and Guilty Pleasures" at island6 ShGarden "I Really Don't Want to" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Melted Paraffin Wax" at island6 Bund "HK Art Walk 2014" at island6 Hong Kong "Babas and Yayas" at island6 Marina "In Search Of Nostalgia" at island6 Hong Kong
"Scope Miami Artfair 2013" with Tally Beck Contemporary "LOL" with Opera Gallery at Galeries Lafayette Beijing
"Slick Paris 2013" "Contemporary Istanbul 2013" "I Love Shanghai" at Art Labor Gallery "island6 Bund Grand Opening" "Chinalizing The West", Laowai Jie Art Festival "ART021" with Red Gate Gallery at Rockbund Art Museum
"Overload: A Tale Of Officide" at island6 Hong Kong "Art No Boundary "KIAF 2013" with Opera Gallery "SWAB BARCELONA 2013" with Pantocrátor Gallery "Interplay" at Conny Dietzschold Gallery (Sydney) "Through The Wormhole" at island6 Shanghai
"Medina 50" at island6 ShGarden "Temporal Visions" at island6 Shanghai "Publicis Shanghai Art Pub Grand Opening "Preview Berlin 2013" with Pantocrátor Gallery "Sydney Contemporary 2013" with CAP "Delicate Delicious Delightful" at Green T. House with Red Gate Gallery
"Modus Operandi" with CAP at 10Design, Hong Kong "The Beauty Of Xiao Yao" with Lotus Arts de Vivre (Bangkok) "Citizen Art Shanghai 2013" "Metropolis Rises" at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing "The Art of Wu Wei" at island6 Shanghai "Auckland Art Fair 2013" with Bath Street Gallery
"Need. Want. Hunt." at island6, Hong Kong "HK Art Walk 2013" at island6, Hong Kong "The Art of Wu Wei" at Four Seasons Hotel with Lotus Arts de Vivre (Bangkok) "Body-City-Mechanism" at island6, Shanghai "Art Beijing 2013" with Opera Gallery "Urban Operandi" at island6, Hong Kong
"Art Stage Singapore 2013" with Art Seasons Gallery "Need. Want. Hunt." at island6, Shanghai "The Art of Living" at Lotus Arts de Vivre (Bangkok) "Ménagerie à trois" at Red Door, The Bund "The Garden Beneath The Streetlights" at Bath Street Gallery "Opera Gallery Grand Opening" of new Hong Kong space at 52 Wyndham Street, Central
"The Cat That Eats Diodes" at island6, Hong Kong "Open Sky" at Changjianghui Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing
MiL Institute Visits island6, Shanghai "The Secret Collection of Yüan Meng Ch'ien" at island6 Shanghai "SHContemporary 2012" with Philippe Staib Gallery "Ruby Roxy Rhino Rouge Rock Hong Kong!" at Studio Rouge, Hong Kong "Surge Shanghai 2012" at River South Art Centre "The Cat That Eats Diodes" at island6, Shanghai
"Wired Blossoms and Electric Angels" at The Opposite House with Red Gate Gallery "Hainan Rendez-vous 2012" in Sanya "Them that Glide Past Our Windows" "island6 for Chivas Collective" at Three On The Bund "Dripping With Aurum" at island6 HK "island of Oddities: The  Yüan Meng Ch'ien Collection" at island6 Shanghai
"Art Stage Singapore 2012" with Art Seasons Gallery "Sin City: Impressions of Shanghai" at TBC, NY "Asia Hotel Artfair 2012" with Blue Lotus Gallery "Ooh La La!" at Studio Rouge, The Bund "Across the Waibaidu" at island6 Arts Center, Shanghai "The Rich and The Righteous" with Gemelli Turzi
"Goddamned Shanghai" "Ruby, Roxy and the Flaming Lamborghini" at Studio Rouge Gallery "RAM Christmas Project 2011"  at the Rockbund Art Museum
"Spring Floods and Peach Petals" at The Arts House "Everyday Frenzies" at island6 in Shanghai "Red Gate: 20 Years - Two Generations of Artists" "SHContemporary 2011" with Red Gate Gallery "Middle East, Middle Kingdom" at Etemad Gallery, Dubai "Far Beyond the Firewall"
"Plugged In" at TBC, NY "Scope New York Artfair 2011" with Tally Beck Contemporary "Omen" "HK Artfair 2011" with Red Gate Gallery "Everyday Frenzies" with Red Gate Gallery at the Green T. House "Scope Basel Artfair 2011" with Tally Beck Contemporary
quot;Roseless" at Yongkang Lu Art "Prophecies"
"To Get Rich is Glorious" at studio rouge "It's a strange, strange world!" at 1918 Art Space "Police and Her" at ifa Gallery "Garden of Autumn Vapours" at Red Gate Gallery "The Big Bang" at White Rabbit "Raining Stars" at Louis Vuitton Gallery in Macau
"Fakirs" "Libido Mortido" "The Light Fantastic" at Louis Vuitton cultural space Taipei "Psychic Apparatus" "HK Artfair 2010" with Red Gate Gallery "Absolute Zero"
"30 Degrees" "LED City" "Placebo" at island6 Shanghai Main Space
"The Artist Died Yesterday" "Artnival" "Art Paris 2009" "Pi" "Individual: New Art from Beyond Beijng"  at Red Gate Gallery "Synesthesia"
"Plug It" at Blue Lotus Gallery, HK Zero Gravity <Click to enlarge> Clouds of Crowds <Click to enlarge> Urban Lust <Click to enlarge> "Automata" at island6 Shanghai Main Space <Click to enlarge> "Digital China" at island6 Shanghai Main Space <Click to enlarge>
Made in Shanghai <Click to enlarge> Made in China <Click to enlarge> PlugIt <Click to enlarge> Chinese Mingong <Click to enlarge> Twins and Trompe l'Oeil <Click to enlarge>

About island6
island6 Arts Center is an artist-founded, "art first" philanthropic project, managed by devoted creative staff and based in Shanghai1 2. The center is dedicated to the support of the island6 art collective, Liu Dao 六岛, and to the constant initiation of risk-taking programs that explore new curatorial models and innovative projects. In 2007, island6 Arts Center established Liu Dao as a research group including artists, engineers, and technicians devoted to developing technological platforms for the Arts. Liu Dao explores the cultural ramifications of the convergence of art, technology, and science and strives to influence the aesthetic trajectory of the global artist community. Every "art forward" island6 exhibition is the product of multi-disciplined, collaborative in-house workshops.

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island6 is a philanthropic project founded by artists and managed by devoted creative staff. The spirit & driving force behind all of island6's works and art-forward exhibitions is collaboration.
六岛是由艺术家自发创立, 由创作人员管理的公益艺术机构。其精神是为艺术家提供平台并支持各项协作项目。