"I Love Shanghai" at Art Labor Gallery "Astral Projections" by Liu Dao "Maid in Shanghai" by Liu Dao

“I Love Shanghai”
Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai

If you are seeking true originality and meaningful art, venture into the former French concession and check what is lurking in the spaces of Art Labor Gallery.

Always looking for new talents the gallery is a patron of what’s intellectually challenging, communicative and aesthetically pleasing. In its pursuit of rareness, it puts individualism and emotional experience of art on the same plain as its quality. With the gallery space always open and welcoming traditional, as well as contemporary art, it promotes support and mentorship of established artists over newly emerging talents. Known for its passion, Art Labour will draw you in and show you what it means to truly experience and fall in love with China.

Between 16 November 2013 and 6 January 2014, island6, along with other artists such as Wang Qing, Greg Girard and Emma Fordham, were proud to share our limitless affection for this culture with our invitation to join Art Labour in ‘I love Shanghai’s group exhibition. A vast spectrum of perspectives, which paints a full image of new and perhaps yet to be discovered Shanghai, is something you can expect from Art Labour. Sculptures, installations, woodcut and mixed media blended together in themes of modern, new and old, poor and prosperous, industrial and luminous wonders which can show you the way to understand this mighty agglomeration. And of course those of you, who kindly have been following our movement across the world, would know the makings of island6. Because with Liu Dao’s LED bright visions, along with other shows, which are always welcomed with a smile, a hint of humour and wit.

Lets not make this a one-time event for Art Labour, who very much like us, nourishes imaginations and forces us to come back, yearning for more and never letting its visitors down. Island6 is always proud to participate in ambitious projects such as these and we definitely share Art Labour’s aspirations; we will never forget to gaze in their direction. And so should you.

"I Love Shanghai" at Art Labor  Gallery
“I Love Shanghai”

From November 16th 2013 to January 6th 2014

VERNISSAGE Saturday 16th of November 2013, from 6 to 9pm
CURATION Martin Kemble
ORGANIZATION Art Labor Gallery

Art Labor Gallery, 570 Yongjia lu, Building 4, #411, Shanghai, 200031, P.R.C

ARTISTS island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛), hinaman AKA MC Yan, Emma Fordham, Eric Leleu, Greg Girard, John Jacobsmeyer, Li Lihong, Lu Xinjian, Shay Kun, Wang Qing, Xzerokool, Ying Yefu, Zhang Lehua

ART LABOR Gallery is very excited to host this stellar group show exploring the aspects of this city and its international identity as an oft included member of the top cosmopoleis. NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, TOKYO.... SHANGHAI! (read more >>>)

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