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Invisible Layers, Electric Cities
By studying urbanization as a phenomenon within the framework of reality, one is forced to conclude that reality is increasingly difficult to determine. The invisible layers of this reality are exposed, in this instance, by different artists who peel this landscape like an onion. One hidden layer might be artificiality, or another way of excavating the urban landscape might be to show an emotional or spiritual dimension. We also encounter exercises of reflection by using the documentary to reveal an un-staged reality enforced by this medium, generally associated with revealing the truth, which actually is as colored as Hollywood features. Finally, we see that Paleolithic nomads, around 7000 BC were the first architects making paths in the virgin landscape. Rural zones therefore remain a rudimentary forerunner of urbanism signaling toward the mega-cities forming today.
The exhibition therefore intends to show how creative processes can share lessons in multiplicity, which then become the groundwork for the aesthetics of the exhibition. Here, artists emphasize the constant play of urban “difference”. Various layers of civilization are combined and recombined, put in new relations, connected through a thrilling electric breathing, permeated by intersecting emanations and transmissions of life information.
All these invisible, hidden layers are beneath the daily surface of urbanization connected in a rhizomic structure. In our subconscious experience all these relationships, the emotional, artificial, internal or nomadic are layers that feed on each other. The one cannot exist without the other. It is now that the nomad being forced to live within the grid of information becomes an urban dweller often without a real sense of direction or purpose. The wanderer frequently becomes an apocalyptic creature disappearing more and more in yet again, other hidden layers under the tissue of day-to-day urban reality.
Different cityscapes and scenes, reflections and alterations on urban condition, are presented in the gallery area, merged into a modulated, varying composite of simultaneous existences; and theses different views and creative results, placed together, illuminate unsuspected similarities and becomings. Through multiple, parallel dimensions, the space hosts an imaginary city, a city which breathes and transforms, an open system of urban interactions.

“Invisible Layers, Electric Cities” was supported by Epson, PTC and Vistamar

Invisible Layers, Electric Cities: a multi-media exhibition curated by Margherita Salmaso and Allard van Hoorn, artistically directed by Thomas Charvériat; presenting the work of 15 international artists.
From April 2nd to May 7th 2006
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