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TITLE "It Girl" (智能女孩)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LCD screen, GSM module, Apple PC desktop, serial server, flash interface
DATE 2014
SIZE 116(W)×71(H)×9.5(D) cm | 45.7(W)×28(H)×3.4(D) inches

UNCRATED: 47.3 kg | 104 lb • CRATED: 74.7 kg |164.7 lb


132(W)×85(H)×23(D) cm | 52(W)×34.5(H)×9(D) inches

EXPOSURE "The Altar of Bling" at island6 Hong Kong
“ARTifical Garden” at SWFC
CREDITS Katrina Louy 卡萨琳娜 (performance) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Jean Le Guyader (production assistant) • Guan Yan 官彦 (production supervisor) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Mark Mehanni (casting) • Margaret Johnson(production assistant) • Irmantas Bortnikas (video documentation)

Even Kipling said it, “It isn’t beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It’s just it.” I never really knew how such a title was thrust upon me, but did I enjoy the perks- parties, drugs, free clothes, and a plethora of guitar wielding boyfriends. It actually took effort after a while; you know to be - effortless - a hybrid of girlish glamour and boyish cool. That indefinable, fame producing substance that relies not on artistic talent or even a well timed sex tape, but on a heady mix of personal style and a magnetic but not too magnetic personality. I like to think of myself as an amalgam of an ingénue & a femme fatale, with the slightest touch of "material girl." So much energy to look as if I’ve spent no energy at all. Although my rather condensed attention is incredibly disproportionate to my personal achievements, I’ve become known by skill of appearing rather than doing. But I can sense this is about to change… the phone isn’t ringing as much as it used to. I’ve been pushed back to page 7!? Could my 15 minutes be up? Have I gone from it girl to that girl? Beware… conceit kills ‘it’. [Margaret Johnson]

STATUS Available. Please contact us for inquiries.
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