"KIAF 2013" with Opera Gallery "Kiska Vibe" by Liu Dao "Hua La La" by Liu Dao "Big Fine" by Liu Dao "Maid in China" by Liu Dao "Kangxi Blues" by Liu Dao
"FYEO" by Liu Dao "Wrinkled Spectrum" by Liu Dao

KIAF 2013
with Opera Gallery

South Korea: home of Kimchi, K-Pop and the 2002 FIFA World Cup. And now its megalopolis, Seoul, plays host to the annual Korean International Art Fair (KIAF). Entering into its 12th year, this steadfast Art Fair is testament to a country that is not only content with saucing up the culinary, music and sports worlds, but set on making its mark the art world. Korea has now become a discerning player on the art scene and this is notable through its reputation of having more art openings per square mile than any other city.1
Over 180 galleries from 20 different nations will see an international mêlée of Contemporary Art at KIAF 2013, with different categories ranging from Painting, Sculpture, Print, Photography and Media. The joy of being a mixed media collective sees that Liu Dao will feel at home amongst any of these categories, but our friends at Opera Gallery will ensure we are amongst good company. Our trusty collaborators at Opera have already brought Liu Dao’s “The Aviary” to Art Beijing. Now, this October 3rd-7th, Opera Gallery are set to bring a Liu Dao specialty to Korean shores, two interactive pieces will be unveiled.
Hot off the heels of Modus Operandi, FYEO is set to make its Korean debut. With its playful sexual innuendos and understated monochrome mixture of animation and film, we are sure it will delight any discerning viewer who is bold enough to give the boss a call. Seeing as Korea has a reputation for spicing things up, we felt it was only right to send Shanghai’s femme fatale Kiska Vibe.  As this is island6’s Korean premiere, we knew Kiska would have a way of charming even the most wattless of art fans…
Living artwork revived by an electrical pulse seems such a perfect fit for Seoul, a city known as the “The Miracle on The Han River”. We appreciate having representatives in the form of Opera Gallery to make this opportunity possible.

1 Travel CNN Article “50 reasons why Seoul is World’s Greatest City” Cha & Corne 05/25/11- reason #25
"KIAF 2013" with Opera Gallery
KIAF 2013
DATES From October 3rd to October 7th 2013
VERNISSAGE October 2nd, 2013 5pm at the entrance of Hall A, 1F, Coex
ORGANIZATION KIAF Operating Committee
BOOTH Opera Gallery A98
MUSIC David Keohane
VIDEO Video Documentation by Fabrice Amzel with a soundtrack by David Keohane
VENUE 1F Hall A&B, Coex, Seoul

island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛) and many more


In its 12th Annual Art Fair, Seoul will play host to 20 nations and 180 of their finest galleries. This will be the island6 Art collective’s Korean debut and they owe this pleasure to their collaborators, Opera Gallery. In what promises to be a 5 day feast for the eyes, KIAF/13 will offer up the crème-de-la-crème of the Contemporary Art world. (read more >>>)

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