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"Erotic Electric" by Liu Dao
TITLE "Erotic Electric" (激发荷尔蒙)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LED display, one-way glass, stainless steel frame
DATE 2010
SIZE 58×58×9 cm | 22.8×22.8×3.5 inches
TECH SPECS 3× MW LPV-60-5 (INPUT 100-240V AC /1.2A 50/60 HZ - OUTPUT 5V/8.0A)
WEIGHT ARTWORK WEIGHT: 17 kg | 37.5 lb + CRATE WEIGHT: 9.5 kg | 21 lb
EXPOSURE exhibited in "Electric Shanghai"
CREDITS JRS & Elena Shamova (performance) • Jean Le Guyader (video animation) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Zhang Leihua 张雷华 (production coordination)

Our human nature yearns for interaction, connection and meaning.  Yet in the metropolis of millions, life is an endless stream of faces, bodies and souls flowing around and past one another, briefly touching but seldom truly meeting. And so when two individuals find each other and forge that precious bond, the beauty of their interaction could only be described as electric.
The same electric impulses fires from the brain’s thermoreceptors and chemoreceptors and floods the sensory system when two pairs of lips touch. A kiss can therefore be described as the ultimate metaphor of our search for human companionship and connection. And just like the complex web of coincidences and circumstances that push two individuals together, the simple, pure moment of pleasure we experience from the meeting of lips is only made possible by an intricate interaction of chemical processes. Upon the stimulation of the labium inferius, pleasure signals are triggered and begin their travel via our sensory nerves in the tracts of our spinal cords and into our brains. The parietal lobe of our cerebral cortex processes and interprets these signals, and floods our somatosensory system with feelings we recognize as bliss, delight and passion. Our adrenal glands then release epinephorine and norepinephorine, also known as adrenaline and noradrenaline into our bloodstream, resulting in that all-too-familiar rush of adrenaline. So at the barest level, the kiss is the soul’s desire and longing and the body’s electric impulses and sensory signals made tangible. The electronic animations in Liu Dao’s "Erotic Electric" captures a snapshot of this moment of union.
In the same way our bodies respond to the exciting external stimulus of touch, the physical structure of the LED artwork is similarly made of electric signals and impulses. Information encoded within the nerve centre of the microchip in the body of the artwork travels through complex veins of electrical circuitry to manifest itself on the skin-like surface of the LED panels. "Erotic Electric" is thus a beautiful union of the organic and the electronic, like the exhilarating connection of body and soul. [Loo Ching Ling 吕晶琳]

STATUS N/A. Tom Vitayakul's collection, Bangkok.
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