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"China Vibe" by Liu Dao <Click to enlarge>
TITLE "China Vibe" (中国环境)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LCD screen, GSM module, Apple PC desktop, serial server, adobe flash interface
DATE 2011
SIZE 68(W)×61(H)×7(D) cm | 27(W)×24(H)×3(D) inches
WEIGHT ARTWORK WEIGHT: 10 kg |20 lb + CRATE WEIGHT: -- kg | -- lb
EXPOSURE Exhibited in "HK Art Fair 2011"
CREDITS Moxin Yuan (performance) • Tony Argueta (video) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Pete Bradt (choreographer) • Clare Jacobson (production assistant) • Zhang Leihua 张雷华 (production coordination) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (video assistant)

Communications technology has advanced astronomically since the dawn of the 20th century. Today we can see and hear our loved ones half way around the world in real time; we carry out instantaneous conversations all over the world by text alone; we attend board meetings from the privacy of our own homes; even human sexuality is digitized, allowing us to titillate ourselves and others from behind a computer screen or through a mobile phone.
The infamous sex phone operators of decades past have morphed into camgirls selling time and sexuality through webcams and chatrooms. Increasing numbers of people also use SMS messages to create intimacy, replacing phone sex with sexting. This new age of technology and exhibitionism allows us to transmit ourselves, and our experiences, to millions of recipients in an instant and allows them to respond.
With all this computer mediated communication, a concern has arisen: what about social skills? John L. Locke's "social malnutrition" echoes a plethora of popular science fears that humans are facing a devastating loss of interpersonal skills. Many argue that radio waves are no equal to the vibration of vocal chords, and that an easy escape from the fast, messy, unpredictable nature of face-to-face communication is leaving us unable to manage in even the simplest day-to-day interactions. Many believe that technologically transmitted intimacy is not actually intimacy at all.
It is easier, cleaner, and more convenient to manage interpersonal connections through radio waves and internet cables, but is it unhealthy? In this work, the island6 art collective asks the viewer to find out.
Like a memory of a one-night stand left in traces of lipstick on the mirror, model Moxin Yua lounges languorously in the silvery reflection of an LED enhanced mirror. Wearing nothing but black lace lingerie, she waits, like a camgirl, for viewers to call the number scribed in lipstick on the mirror's surface. Though only an image, she is reflected into the gallery's surroundings and the viewers' experience as she receives and reacts to the touch of their technologically mediated courtship. [Brittney O'Neill]

今天我们能看到和听见我们亲人半方式环球在实时;我们由单独文本执行瞬间交谈全世界;我们参加从我们自己的家保密性的委员会会议; 甚而人的性别被数字化,允许我们愉快自己和其他从计算机屏幕的后面或通过移动电话。
数十年过去的臭名昭著的性电话操作员变体了入卖时间和性别的通过网络摄影和。增长的人数也使用短信服务消息创造亲热,替换电话性爱用。 技术和表现癖的这新的年龄允许我们立即传送自己和我们的经验,给成千上万接收者并且给他们反应。
所有这以计算机为介质的通信,关心出现了:怎么样社会技能?随声附和多血症大众科学的约翰担心人面对人际的技能毁灭的损失。 许多争辩说无线电波是没有均等对声音弦的振动,并且,从面对面的通信的快速,杂乱,变化莫测的本质的容易的逃命在甚而最简单的每日互作用留给我们无法处理。 许多相信技术上被传送的亲热根本实际上不是亲热。 
它更加容易,更加干净和更加方便的通过无线电波和互联网缆绳处理人际的连接,但是否是不健康的? 在这工作,六岛艺术集体要求观察者发现。
象在唇膏踪影的一个一夜演出的记忆在镜子,式样休息室沉闷LED的银色反射的提高了镜子。  穿着黑鞋带女用贴身内衣裤,她在表面的唇膏等待,为了观察者称数字划线。 虽然仅图象,她被反射入画廊周围和经验,当她接受并且起反应对他们的技术上斡旋的求爱接触。

STATUS Kuala Lumpur.
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