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"Puppy Dog's Tails" by Liu Dao
TITLE "Puppy Dog's Tails" (摆动)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA Screen, Perspex, Transparent Lambda C-print mounted on mirror
DATE 2011
SIZE 50(W)×174(H)×4(D) cm | 19.6(W)×68.5(H)×1.5(D) inches

UNCRATED: 45.5 kg | 100.3 lb • CRATED: - kg | - lb


65(W)×192(H)×24(D) cm | 25.5(W)×75.5(H)×9.4(D) inches (w/ 3 artworks: 1,2,3)

EXPOSURE Exhibited in "Goddamned Shanghai" & "Sin City - Impressions of Shanghai" at Tally Beck Contemporary Gallery
CREDITS Rose Tang 罗丝唐 (photography) • Thomas Charvériat (technical realization) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (material sourcing)

It is in his eyes, they immediately say. “You do know it is impolite to stare?” But you cannot stop looking. Shanghai held promise, future, and excitement. His future leads to travel, luxury, and decadence. The train he played with at home is now making its way over Mt. Everest and beyond. Knowing he will sway the pendulum hanging above a city heated up by its own dizzy indulgence, he held the world in his tiny palm. Perhaps he will start a new world conglomerate, or hasten to unite frontiers like global trade. You can actually see his mental gears turning as he contemplates his own smoking hot future. He may or may not become tyrannical but one thing is for certain; he will not go unknown, he will remain forever imprinted in memory. And regardless of what he does accomplish, one must admit he simply is cute as a bugs’ ear. [Lelia Pollett]

STATUS Available. Please contact Tally Beck Contemporary(New York)
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