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"How Much Is That Doggy In The Mirror" by Liu Dao
TITLE "How Much Is That Doggy In The Mirror" (镜中小狗值多少)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LCD screen, IR sensor, 8-bit microcontroller, media player
DATE 2012
SIZE 33(W)×90(H)×8(D) cm | 13(W)×35.4(H)×3.1(D) inches
TECH SPECS INPUT 100-240V AC • (DELL) LCD ST2420L • HD260 media player • E3Z-D62
WEIGHT UNCRATED: 26 kg | 57 lb • CRATED: 47 kg | 104 lb
CRATE SIZE 101(W)×93(H)×20(D) cm | 40(W)×37(H)×7.8(D) inches
EXPOSURE "Need. Want. Hunt" at island6 Shanghai
"The Garden Beneath The Streetlights" at Bath Street Gallery (Auckland)
CREDITS Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production assistant) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Christopher Charvériat (video footage) • Domino (model)

The Chinese have been making mirrors since 500 AD, although bronze surfaces had been used as reflective devices much earlier, with evidence of bronze plates being manufactured from 2000 BC in the Upper Yellow River region. What is the history of mirrors, then, but the history of human vanity? What do we see when we gaze into a looking glass? Some of us focus on imperfections - the tiny blemish, the near-invisible scar. A few see glorious and delusional optimism. And a privileged handful - namely you, dear sirs and madams, look upon possibly the cutest dog that ever lived. What does it all mean, then? What could our visions represent? When we peer hopefully at our reflected selves, and a little Jack Russell rolling over and playing dead pops up, it perhaps tells us that it's time to put away the wine bottle and take a swig of cold, refreshing reality. [Alexia Kalteis]

STATUS Currently located in Auckland. Please contact Bath Street Gallery for inquiries.
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