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"Pataclop" by Liu Dao "Seen and Heard and Felt the Words" by Liu Dao "Selfie" by Liu Dao
"Electro-graphic Night" by Liu Dao
"Luminous Magnum Opus Nihonshu" by Liu Dao
"Downtown Neon Sea" by Liu Dao
"Nooo Way!!!" by Liu Dao "Cha-Ching" by Liu Dao "Unbreakable" by Liu Dao "My Panama on the Rack" by Liu Dao "Mush Walker People" by Liu Dao "Give Them Hamsters" by Liu Dao
"Badaboom" by Liu Dao
"Attitude" by Liu Dao
"Ode to Lichtenstein" by Liu Dao
"To be or not to be" by Liu Dao "Ooh La La" by Liu Dao "Fuck Me Like You Love Me" by Liu Dao
"Unsubscribe" by Liu Dao
"Nobody Does Me Like You Do" by Liu Dao
"Not Your Bitch" by Liu Dao
"Goldfinger" by Liu Dao
"Purrrrrrrrr" by Liu Dao
"Chai" by Liu Dao

Following the likes of Kruger, Nauman or Holzer's 'Truisms', Liu Dao's neon is an integral part of its artistic portfolio; bright and fluorescent cries of expression. The collective's neon art essentially speaks for itself, following the example of those artists through history who etched and scribbled deep and philosophical prose. Whether it be "Nobody Does Me Like You Do", or "Fuck Me Like You Love Me", Liu Dao often strikes the deeper emotional chords buried within every one of us. These striking signs can be found across the world. Brilliantly enhancing and brightening the walls of island6, its partner galleries in Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore and New York, as well as select art collections.

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island6 is a philanthropic project founded by artists and managed by devoted creative staff. The spirit & driving force behind all of island6's works and art-forward exhibitions is collaboration.
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