"Red Dot Miami 2016" "Scribbles" by Liu Dao "Concerning My Pedigree" by Liu Dao "Add Your Lazy Layer" by Liu Dao "How and Why you Jump so High" by Liu Dao "Worship and Good Glue" by Liu Dao
"Backseat Baby?" by Liu Dao "Colors in my Head" by Liu Dao "Branching Toy" by Liu Dao "Empress Cixi's Dowry" by Liu Dao "The Ambition Stain" by Liu Dao "Trim Waist, Taught Muscles, Chiseled Face" by Liu Dao
"Oh I Love Your Balance" by Liu Dao "A Small Shrine of Mine" by Liu Dao "Sophomore Slump" by Liu Dao "Domesticated Dinosaurs" by Liu Dao "Planck Speed or Bust" by Liu Dao "Flower Journey" by Liu Dao
"Beryllium Bionic Bears" by Liu Dao "Water Wisely" by Liu Dao "It's not your Foucault" by Liu Dao "Empress Cixi's Dowry" by Liu Dao "Miss Aloha Hula" by Liu Dao "Search History" by Liu Dao
"Red Dot Miami 2016"

"Red Dot Miami 2016"

The Liu Dao collective takes in an extra scoop of America as it heads to the glistening promise land of Miami for the second year in a row. Red Dot takes place in Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District, a 7.5-acre melting pot of Miami’s most cutting edge and contemporary cultural offerings. Red Dot features “over 500 leading contemporary artists, museum exhibitions, art labs, events, and talks focused on collecting”. This is Red Dot’s 10th year.

Red Dot Miami is a part of Redwood Media Group, an art-focused promotional and event group whose mission is to helps artists and galleries gain exposure “…through mentoring, fine art shows, publications, marketing and more”. Redwood is responsible for numerous fine art shows including Artexpo New York, SPECTRUM Indian Wells, Art San Diego, Art Santa Fe, SPECTRUM Miami, [SOLO], and [FOTO SOLO]. They also have several publications including Art Business News magazine and DECOR Magazine. Since their inception, Redwood has hosted tens of thousands of people at their shows and launched the careers of countless artists.

"Red Dot Miami 2016"
Red Dot Miami 2016
DATES From November 30th to December 4th 2016
VERNISSAGE Wednesday | November 30th | 6PM - 10PM (VIP Opening)
CURATION Ryan Nimmo (for Booth 505)
ART DIRECTION Thomas Charvériat (for Booth 505)

Red Dot Miami Tent
1700 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132

VIDEO Video Documentation by András Gál, Benoit Poulain & Thomas Charvériat // soundtrack by Moby

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Red Dot Miami celebrates its 10th year of exhibition some of the most exciting contemporary artwork around. Over 30,000 people visit the event each year which is held in the heart of downtown Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District. This is Liu Dao’s first Red Dot fair, and it’s second partnering with Redwood Media Group. (read more >>>)

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