"Scope Miami 2015" "Scribbles" by Liu Dao "Equilibrist" by Liu Dao "Add Your Lazy Layer" by Liu Dao "A Spark Of Temptation" by Liu Dao "Worship and Good Glue" by Liu Dao
"My Darling, I've Forgotten" by Liu Dao "Backseat Baby?" by Liu Dao "In The Red" by Liu Dao "Coquet Marceau" by Liu Dao "Native Affection" by Liu Dao "Golden Delicious" by Liu Dao
"Talented" by Liu Dao "Make Me Stay" by Liu Dao "Hunk Of Junk" by Liu Dao "The Ambition Stain" by Liu Dao "Pug Luck" by Liu Dao "Oh I Love Your Balance" by Liu Dao
"Dance of Desperado" by Liu Dao "Japanese Spies and a Drug Smuggling Ring" by Liu Dao "Sophomore Slump" by Liu Dao "Man Eater" by Liu Dao "And So We Made a Mess" by Liu Dao "Undercover Lives" by Liu Dao
"Scope Miami 2015"

"Beyond Compensated" @Scope Miami Beach 2015

Art offered them a different way of living, one that they believed more than compensated for the loss of comfort and respectability
- Virginia Nicholson

People spend a monumental amount of time and energy trying to discern motivation and incentives. Why did this person do this, what will make this person do this, why am I always doing that etc. The two most common ones are fairly transparent: sex and money. More specifically: how can I get more sex and money. The lengths people go to in order to answer this question are astounding, they shape the entire world. Think about it, you, just a single person- what’s the last thing you did in order to either have sex or make money? How far out of your way did you go to do it? What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone out of your way for either (or, in some sorrow-filled cases, both at once). Even things that seem mundane are actually quite crazy. Dressing nice, cutting your finger nails, brushing your teeth… an enormous majority of our daily lives revolve around things that will make us a more appealing choice to prospective mates1. But some people, especially artists, are driven by a need to create. Sometimes even, this need blocks out huge swaths of hard-wired human needs and desires. Why? Beyond Compensated is a quirky, Asian-infused visual ode to the curious drives of men. The lengths that people go to in order to get what they want, subtle or outright. [...Read more ↓ ]

"Scope Miami 2015"
Scope Miami 2015
DATES From December 1st to December 6th 2015
VERNISSAGE December 1st, 4-8 pm
CURATION Ryan Nimmo (for Booth G11)
ART DIRECTION Thomas Charvériat (for Booth G11)
VIDEO Video Documentation by Luciano Romano // soundtrack by Leven Smith
SHORT CLIPS Short Clip A, Short Clip B, Short Clip C, Short Clip D, by Luciano Romano
VENUE SCOPE Miami Beach Pavilion
801 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, Florida

island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛) and many more


With passports neatly packed (along with bathing suits and sunscreen) island6 heads to sunny, sultry Miami to display a new set of original works in SCOPE 2015. (read more >>>)

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