"Scribbles" at island6 Bund "Depending on The RPMs" by Liu Dao "Goldfinger" by Liu Dao "Couldn't Even Count Them All" by Liu Dao "I’m All Over You" by Liu Dao "Grey Reverend" by Liu Dao
"Trou de Balle" by Liu Dao "Choose Your Gutter" by Liu Dao "Wade While You Wait" by Liu Dao "More Than Most" by Liu Dao "Oh Be Gentle" by Liu Dao "I, Myself" by Liu Dao
"Stories on 9th" by Liu Dao "Unsmittenly Written" by Liu Dao "Scribbles" by Liu Dao "Your Personal Time Slave, Baby" by Liu Dao "Down to the Countryside" by Liu Dao
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The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be. -Douglas Adams

The whole world may just be a big bunch of scribbles, our lives and the events inside them only clever interpretations based on our perspective. Even if someone were to explain to you the many intricacies and nuances inherent in the term “perspective”, that itself would be from their perspective. Perhaps you’ve your own opinion of the matter. It should come as no enormous shock then that people have their very own versions of events (sometimes held onto rather tightly). This is likely why eyewitness testimony in court cases is often seen as unreliable, why we seek the approval of others for things we like, even sometimes why we fight wars. Scribbles is a visual ode to the succulent randomness the world lends out to us and why our perspective and interpretations decide whether we see masterpieces worthy of thorough examination…or just a bunch of scribbles.

Who is this Rorschach guy and why does he have so many pictures of my parents fighting? -Unknown

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"Scribbles" at island6 Bund
DATES From July 9th to September 18th, 2015
VERNISSAGE Thursday, July 9th, from 6:00 to 10:00 pm
ART DIRECTION Thomas Charvériat
SOUND SCORE David Poppell (Long MP3/FLAC)
VIDEO Video Documentation by Irmantas Bortnikas with a music score by David Poppell
RESEARCH Lin Zang 臧琳, Irmantas Bortnikas
ART RESEARCH Jin Yun 金云, Tang Dashi 汤大师 & He Dashi 贺大师, Song Jinxuan 宋堇萱
COORDINATION Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁, Adam Hsieh 谢昕, Mallory Walker, Edward Cui 崔雁翔
VENUE island6 Bund, 17 Fuzhou Lu, G/F (near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu)
ARTISTS island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛)
WINE SPONSOR Summergate Fine Wines

What causes us to see a million tiny masterpieces in a splotchy, unintelligible doodle? When we look close enough and for a long enough amount of time we might see a world of swirling genius on a page filled with scribbles. Is it the brain projecting something onto nothing? Or is something else at work? Could it be the burning bulbs of ideas too good to write slowly or a picture too urgent to take your time with? Scribble explores the little universes tumbling about in the oceans of ink and pencil and paint. (read more >>>)

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