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TITLE "Slick Willy Speeding Bullet" (滑头威利超速子弹)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LED display, Chinese papercut (Jian Zhi 剪紙), paper collage, anodized stainless steel frame
DATE 2012

109(W)×109(H)×9(D) cm | 42.9(W)×42.9(H)×3.5(D) inches

TECH SPECS INPUT 100-240V AC • (DELL) LCD ST2420L • HD260 media player • E3Z-D62
WEIGHT UNCRATED: 45.5 kg | 100.3 lb • CRATED: 81 kg | 178.5 lb
CRATE SIZE 121(W)×121(H)×26(D) cm | 47.6(W)×47.6(H)×10.2(D) inches
EXPOSURE Exhibited in "island6 for Chivas Collective" and "Dripping with Aurum" at island6 Hong Kong
CREDITS Loo Ching Ling 吕晶琳 (video) • Sonja (performance) • Alexia Kalteis(choreography) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Nicolas Grefenstette (production assistant) • Katharina Droste (production assistant) • Jack Mur (production assistant) • Dave Ahern (production assistant) • Tang Dashi 汤大师 & He Dashi 贺大师 (Chinese paper cutting 剪紙)

SCREECH! You are startled by the sudden squeal of a braking car. Nothing is visible from the beaming headlights. Squinting hard to get a better view, you are suddenly yanked out of your concentration by a loud HONK. A friendly voice rings out - “Hey man, hop in. We’re having a party!” BOOM BOOM BOOM goes the base. “Our Lumbo’s got everything and anything you could possibly imagine. You won’t regret it.” You hesitate, considering whether to take up the shadowed driver's offer, when the voice again resonates over the engine’s RRRR RRRR RRRR - “Just come in! Plenty of room for you! Everything’s cool and easy in here, man.” He sounds a bit sharper, just that tad bit more... desperate? Why? What's going on? WOOF WOOF! A disembodied chorus of women and men (…and dogs?) ring out. Something inexplicable pulls you in, and against your better judgment, you yell out “I’m coming!” As you step into this other dimension, you let the ride take you away to whatever adventure you are destined for tonight. VROOM VROOM! [Alexia Kalteis]

STATUS Available. Please contact us for inquiries.
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