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TITLE "Two Hours on a Sunday" (周日两小时)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LCD Display, old twin-lens camera, media player
DATE 2010
SIZE 30(W)×30(H)×20(D) cm | 12(W)×12(H)×8(D) inches
WEIGHT ARTWORK WEIGHT: -- kg |-- lb + CRATE WEIGHT: -- kg | -- lb
EXPOSURE exhibited in "Omen" & "Ooh La La!" at studio rouge on the bund
CREDITS Li Lingxi 李翎溪 (performance) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Zane Mellupe (video) • Zhang Leihua 张雷华 (production coordination)

"Two Hours on a Sunday" features Li Lingxi 李翎溪 standing in a summer’s dress and reading a book in a manner that defies temporal identity. Her stance is Victorian and her book is as traditional as civilization itself but the retrofitted camera where her image is displayed is as modern as anything in 2010, despite its old appearances. The work is not “timeless” in a descriptive sense but devoid of period classification.
Eventually the works point to the exponential input of the consumer, how our personal infrastructures in homes or offices are morphing organically and mechanically in this modern age from within, and how predictions are giving way to observations thanks to the sheer pace of development. “Instead of manufacturers shaping products to fit bottleneck discretions of the market, they embrace the fact that no product is ever complete or untouchable,” writes Wang, “especially in the computer industry where the consumer is as savvy as the inventor. To the benefit of everyone and harm of no one, Firefox add-ons are designed and shared by users with the blessing of Firefox itself, as are iPhone applications with the help of Apple, just as tens of thousands of music tracks are being remixed and mutated at any moment. There is no longer such a thing as a finished product, even when it’s put on sale.” Wang applies this condition of communal development to these camera products, where the solidity of brand names and patented designs are exposed as irrelevant in the larger scheme of our lives. Meanwhile, older photographers familiar with the models and brands will be receptive to a nostalgia for the pioneering era of video artists, when Nam June Paik supposedly employed his Sony Portapak in the 1960s, or any of the stages through which Bruce Nauman moved during his career. And when standing among Liu Dao’s beaming LED pieces that take any viewer back to a Jenny Holzer exhibit, it becomes clear how any artistic generation is always a child of the one before. [Pete Bradt]

STATUS Available. Please contact us for inquiries.
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