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"Confessional" by Rose Tang
TITLE "Confessional" (making off)
ARTIST Rose Tang 罗丝唐
MEDIA  catholic confessional, plasma screen, IR sensor, media player
DATE 2006
SIZE 260×160×160 cm | 102×63×63 inches
EXPOSURE Exhibited in "Forward/Backward and Reloading"
CREDITS Ben Shipley & Phil Dorman (art direction) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance)

The confessional stands at the juncture between public and private, physical and spiritual. Iconic symbol of the Catholic church, used and abused in popular culture, laughable or sinister. Confession demands that the penitent open up her or his deepest secrets to the priest, who listens, hidden, absorbing tales of failure massive or mundane, wielding the power to absolve sin and assign penance. Our confessional blends tradition and modernity, facing our multi-national, multi-religious penitents with this familiar idiom revised for a changing urban cityscape. Confession is taken by a digital avatar priest, trapped in a flat screen, and asking them to reveal, not sins, but everyday truths. Their work, their past, their dreams. Our priest does not deal in absolution, does not claim to wipe the slate clean, but merely listens. And while listening, records, capturing on video intimate private moments, revealed truths and the lonely public displays of a video diary, youtube society. The project aims to entice and amuse, drawing out modern confessions from the global audience that passes through Island 6, and capturing on tape the flow of personalities, histories, ideas and futures through the gallery space. (read more >>>)

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