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"Evergreen Spirit" by Rose Tang
TITLE "Evergreen Spirit" (永垂不朽)
ARTIST Rose Tang 罗丝唐
MEDIA Lambda C-print mounted on Dibond, folding willow wood paravent
DATE 2009
SIZE 200×180×3 cm | 78.7×70.9×1.2 inches
WEIGHT ARTWORK WEIGHT: 32 kg | 70.5 lb + CRATE WEIGHT: 20 kg | 44 lb
EXPOSURE Exhibited in "The Artist Died Yesterday"
CREDITS Zane Mellupe (technical direction) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance)

In botany, as in life, evergreen plants have a knack for survival. Evergreen leaves rarely wither like that of their deciduous neighbors, which are stripped bare by autumn and remain perfectly naked throughout the winter. Lush in variety, multitudes of plants belong to the Evergreen family. Strong and devoted, Evergreens do not question when the Sun will rise again, or the rain banquet their branches. Parallel to the evergreen plant, the picture here called “Evergreen Spirit”, is a testimony of strength and willpower. This picture is a story of one countries fight to end all disease, invasion and famine. The “Evergreen Spirit” is a story of survival! Notice the love of the republic for their “Great leader.” Without question they hope – they believe! What if one day the coin was flipped over? When a leader grows weary, what then becomes the fate of a nation? [Kristen Delaney]

STATUS N/A. Private Collection.
High Resolution Photomore
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