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"Time is" by Rose Tang
TITLE "Time is"
ARTIST Rose Tang 罗丝唐
MEDIA Lambda C-print mounted on Dibond
DATE 2010
SIZE Unframed: 80×60 cm |31.5×23.5 inches - Framed 96×76 cm |37.8×30 inches
EXPOSURE Exhibited in "Prophecies"

(Welcome to the world of a widow). Time is too sudden and suddenly he was gone. Last night he left us for another world. It was just like a bad dream, only one that’s turned into a reality. It was a mystery, like the setting of the Sun on our future, as we laid his body deep beneath the ground. Why was he taken? Time without warning stole my husband and gave him to the bottle (sip by sip). Now I stand alone. Ruthless and unkind, it’s true. He was. But we were also a team. He paid the bills and I took care of the children. Though he wasn’t much to the eyes of the world, he was everything to me. I haven’t stood alone in over fifteen years. Bitter and hollow, that’s exactly how I feel. Time, let me tell you something- this is too much too soon and you are cruel. For God’s sake, he was half my father’s age! Even my father is still living. I am older than him by two years and now I have twenty lonely years to go. But what of my children? Hungry mouths to feed and wounds to soothe with no job or will to support us. Choices, why Johnny, did you have to make all the bad ones? [Kristen Delaney]

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